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What is Altasil?

Altasil is an innovative product for the male prostate, potency and strength. Unlike many other drugs, Altasil does not contain chemicals and consists only of natural ingredients collected in ecologically clean corners of the planet. Each pack of Altasil contains 60 capsules. This is enough for a monthly course, which gives a lasting effect when taken regularly.


  • No side effects except in cases of individual intolerance to the ingredients
  • Long-term effects after using the entire course
  • The effective and all-natural product

How ingredients of Altasil act?

  • Enhance erection, increase potency.
  • Stimulate libido, have anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Active substances reinforce each other's effects.

What are the benefits of Altasil components?

Stimulate libido

Reindeer Antler Powder

Reindeer antlers contain 18 of the 22 naturally occurring amino acids. This ingredient is also a source of zinc and other trace elements for men and has a tonic, gonadotropic effect. It is a natural energizer, a powerful natural aphrodisiac and a means to improve blood circulation in the penis. Traditionally used to improve men's health.

Support Prostate Health

Bergenia (Bergenia crassifolia)

It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. In folk medicine, Bergenia has long been used to normalize urination and inhibit the growth of most microorganisms that support inflammation in the prostate glands.

Strengthen potency

Red Root (Hedysarum n.)

Ingredients of Red Root improve reproductive function, have a stimulating effect on libido and anti-inflammatory action. They are used as a stimulant of sexual desire and male potency. Due to anti-inflammatory effect, the Red Root is actively used in the treatment of prostatitis. ALTASIL is widely used in traditional medicine to improve male sexual function.


60 capsules


2 capsules a day

(or as recommended by your doctor)

3+ PACKAGES – 233 kr/EACH

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